Welcome to Your
Celestial Getaway

Welcome to Your
Celestial Getaway


Enjoy the art of refined escape at Aurora Cabins

Our tranquil getaway in Bali's mountains offers breathtaking panoramic views, open-air baths under the stars, and the warmth of a cozy fireplace. Embrace the ultimate secluded hideaway with pristine night skies visible through the unique stargazing window above your bed, designed to bring the cosmos closer to you.


Designed for Your Peace of Mind

Escape to Aurora Cabins for an intimate experience of relaxing living. Surrounded by the verdant beauty of Bali, each cabin promises an exclusive retreat with gourmet outdoor dining and elegant interiors.


Your Personal Hideaway

Discover the charm of Aurora Cabins, a retreat where every detail is designed for your comfort. Enjoy our contemporary kitchens framed by mountain vistas and the quiet comfort of our bedrooms, each space crafted to be your tranquil haven.

Where modern comfort merges with nature.

Bespoke Comfort

Custom-designed beds for restful sleep

Elegant Amenities

Exquisite spa-grade bathrooms

Fine Wines

Curated selection of premium wines

WiFi Connectivity

Reliable high-speed internet access

Exceptional Service

Personalized attention to detail

At Aurora Cabins, we invite you to experience the harmony of Bali's natural splendor with the refined luxury of our bespoke cabins. It's more than a stay—it's where your most cherished memories will unfold.

Ivan P.